Avast Service Review

Avast is one of the more well-known names in antivirus software and its free version www.virusreviews.net/avast-service-review-features-cost-support/ offering a solid base of protection against malware. The paid versions, especially Avast Premium Security, provide several additional features to ensure your device is secure. This includes a VPN, Wi-Fi Inspector, and many more. In the AV Comparatives Real World Protection Test, Avast scores among the top offerings in this class.

In our tests, we discovered that Avast was able to identify a wide range of threats quickly and efficiently. The scan was completed in just 6 minutes 50 seconds, which is impressive considering that it was able to scan close to 2 million files.

In terms of false positives, we were slightly dissatisfied to learn that Avast was often prone to flag certain programs as infected. In our tests Avast identified five legitimate applications as such during Windows system scans that are two times higher than the industry standard. The good thing is that it is not a common occurrence, and you can easily send a file for examination to correct the problem should Avast incorrectly flags it.

Avast has a decent knowledge base offering assistance for the most common issues There are direct phone and email support options available. A paid subscription comes with parental controls and password management to the program. Avast offers a 30 day refund guarantee on paid services.

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