Virtual Data Room Software

Virtual data rooms are secure online space that permits users to collaborate and share on time-sensitive documents. Common uses are document disclosure and review for M&A due-diligence sharing legal documents with law firm teams in preparation of case cases, and engaging potential customers during sales processes.

All businesses, regardless their size must invest in an VDR. A good choice should include the basics, like search, audit logs, and granular sharing. Advanced functions can enhance the workflow of a business and boost the efficiency of the system. Some vendors also provide additional services to facilitate a successful deal. Support services are often provided as part of a package which saves money through the virtual data rooms.

Brainloop CapLinked and Securedocs are among the most popular providers that offer a variety of services. All three have a number of features that are helpful in the M&A process, including high-level permissions, digital waterproofing and audit logs. They also support various formats of files and are accessible in a variety of languages. They should be able to provide secure access via a browser or their own mobile application.

Custom branding and extensive security are a few other features that are useful. The most reliable data rooms, for example provide remote wipes as well as a custom scanner for files that blocks ransomware, and thorough audits. A reputable company will be ISO 27001-certified, and will ensure that the platform is created for its customers’ needs.

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