What Does a Boot Scan Do?

When a cyber threat makes its way into your computer, it could hide in a variety ways. While most antivirus software are able to detect malware with regular scans and real-time protection and boot-time scans, a boot-time scan provides a more rigorous sweep against https://www.trustfulwonderful.com/do-we-need-advanced-web-shield-or-not stealthy threats.

A boot scan is an instant review of your computer before Windows starts. This allows the software to detect hidden malware and remove it without disrupting your normal operation. Avast’s Boot scan feature offers a variety of options to handle threats found during the scan. This includes fixing the files immediately, transferring them to the Disease Chest or quarantine, or even deleting them.

It can take some time to run a boot check. It’s recommended to disable all non-essential start-up applications and disconnect USB or external hard drives. This will decrease the chance of conflict and allow the scan to focus on the internal storage. It’s also a good idea to plan the time that you won’t use your computer for any other activities so that boot scanning can occur without interruption.

To enable a boot-time scanner, select Settings (the gear icon) within the Avast interface. Select Protection > Scan settings and choose the option Boot-Time Scan. Choose the options that best suit your preferences and then click OK. The Avast Boot-Time Scan is a powerful tool to help you protect your computer from malicious threats and to provide a more efficient computing environment.

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